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Customer service and help centre

Need help?

If you need help navigating through our website or you are having trouble with your account information, feel free to reach us on the information below. Call us: 1300 NIKPOL (645765) or send us a message here

How much is shipping?

If you are a Nikpol Account holder, the standard delivery charge of $30 will be automatically charged to the invoice. If you request Nikpol to deliver outside of your registered address, a delivery charge of $50 will be incurred. For all other Nikpol customers, a delivery charge of $100 will apply.

Payment method

If you are a Nikpol Account holder your normal payment methods are accepted. We also accept PayPal and Credit Card.

Account Help

If you have issues with your Nikpol account please call us on 1300 NIKPOL (645765). Nikpol orders are still scrutinised with internal credit checks

Trade orders

Manufactured trade orders are susceptible to longer lead times, for further information please contact our Customer service team on 1300 NIKPOL (645765)

FSC® Certified

An FSC certification considers that foresty operations be cost-effective while not compromising the environmental health of the forest. Ask about our FSC range.

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