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Dynapro Hinge Systems

Dynapro, the undermount slide system from GRASS offers not only perfect movement but above all absolute design freedom when it comes to individual furniture concepts. Why not find out for yourself?

High load capacity. Synchronised movement. 4D adjustment. The multitude of special qualities makes Dynapro a unique movement system for individualists.

Smooth operation without a sound. Unlike conventional concealed slide systems, Dynapro is the only fitting that features a synchronisation mechanism. Thanks to the mechanically synchronised slide rails, the Dynapro slide system moves without any annoying noise or resistance. Even under high load, the excellent running performance of Dynapro remains unchanged. Load forces of up to 70 kg present no problem for the system.

With Dynapro, furniture designers can give free rein to their creativity. Handle-free surfaces, high fronts, wide drawers or unusual materials – the new generation of slides for full drawer extension offers unlimited design possibilities

Compatibility with the comfort systems is the reason why Dynapro offers maximum functional variability.

Soft-close, the successful damping system closes Dynapro drawers gently and quietly.

With the Tipmatic system it is possible to operate large handle-free fronts which open with a gentle tap.

If you prefer unusual design and expect an undermount drawer slide to offer excellent running performance, high stability, precision and exceptional operating comfort – then Dynapro is exactly right for you.

PEFC Certified

An PEFC certification considers that foresty operations be cost-effective while not compromising the environmental health of the forest. Ask about our PEFC range.

Green Tag Certified

We care about the environment - so we ensure our products are sourced from environmentally preferable sources.

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