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Vionaro has become a modern classic. Its slender design gives it a sense of timeless luxury, that can feature in all living areas.

The statement design has also been recognised by the industry - reddot award winner 2014.

Available in 3 drawer side heights and at 13mm wide means that now your drawers can have a sleek look and feel, without wavering on quality.

The synchronized slide rails ensures that Vionaro moves without any annoying noise or movement.

(Snow white is a stocked item - Graphite available by demand)

Minimalism and understated elegance are the trends of our times. Vionaro continues the external elegance of pot drawer fronts through to the inside. Inset drawers are beautifully rounded off with the colour-coordinated front panel profile made of aluminium.

Vionaro is based on the tried-and-tested Dynapro concealed slide and thus becomes a modular system solution.

This means that drawers made of wood, steel and aluminium use the same slide and offer the scope for modern furniture design that exactly matches your preferences.

PEFC Certified

An PEFC certification considers that foresty operations be cost-effective while not compromising the environmental health of the forest. Ask about our PEFC range.

Green Tag Certified

We care about the environment - so we ensure our products are sourced from environmentally preferable sources.

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