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Output, consumption


  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Total connected load: 8.8 kW

4 induction cooking zones with booster:

  • 4 cooking zones Ø 22 cm, 2.1 kW (3.7 kW)

Extractor fan

  • Voltage: 220–240 V
  • Total connected load: 165 W
  • Average power consumption: 30.8 kWh / year
  • Noise min./max. normal level/intensive level: min 45 dB(A) max. 65 dB(A) max. 70 dB(A)
  • Fan output max. normal level /intensive level*: in extraction mode 580 m3/h / 730 m3/h, in circulation mode 450 m3/h / 560 m3/h

* According to EU Regulation No. 65/2014 / Fan capacity according to EN 61591

Design, comfort


  • Frameless
  • Touch control with Smart Slider
  • Boost function for all induction cooking zones
  • Electronic control in 10 power levels
  • Main switch for hob and extractor fan
  • Toggle function with fixed temperatures (40 °C, 70 °C and 98 °C)
  • Cooking Chef Mode, Pause and Recall
  • Residual heat display
  • Pot detection
  • Child lock
  • Timer
  • Countdown function
  • 2 x bridging function
  • Flush-mounted installation possible

Extractor fan

  • Electronic opening of the extractor fan
  • Glass ceramic, black
  • Suitable for installation in a kitchenette or kitchen island
  • Optional extraction or circulation mode (for circulation mode a carbon filter is required)
  • 6-level fan output controllable via Touch Control with 7-segment LED display
  • 5 power levels + 1 intensive level
  • Intensive level with automatic reset for extraction mode
  • Automatic three-level blower overrun of 5/10 and 20 minutes with LED display
  • Metallic grease filter and carbon filter saturation indicator via LED warning light
  • For the cleaning/emptying of metallic filters and water collection vessels, the appliance automatically blocks after 40 hours of operation
  • Automatic overrun for circulation mode
  • Water collection tank: 0.75 litre capacity
  • Powerful and quiet blower
  • Metallic grease filter, dishwasher-safe

Dimensions H x W x D

  • Appliance dimensions: 82.7 – 98.2 x 90 x 53 cm
  • Installation dimensions: 5.8 x 86.2 x 49.5 cm

Planning information:

  • Air outlet/exhaust air duct to the left
  • It is not possible to plan in dishwashers, underframe coolers, base drawers, etc. in the exhaust air routing area
  • For the circulation variant, it is not possible to plan in dishwashers, underframe coolers, base drawers, etc. directly on the left side
  • Min. cabinet width 900 mm
  • Worktop depth min. 600 mm (correspondingly deeper for the planning of recess panelling)
  • Base height min. 100 mm


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