Perfect sense

Perfect sense
In collaboration with Nikpol - Egger Presents PerfectSense

Egger has developed two opposite and opposing directions - extreme matte and gloss. Egger calls it PerfectSense Matte and PerfectSense Gloss, which is available in four decors Black, Cashmere, Dust Grey and Premium White.

A premium look and feel.

PerfectSense, represents high gloss and matte lacquered boards in a premium design using the tried and tested Egger MDF quality board. With the help of an innovative, sustainable finish which has a special coating process with UV paint technology (CCI - Calender Coating Inert) Egger reaches this level of quality in a range of on trend decors.

  • Moisture Resistant E1
  • Fingerprint proof (matte)
  • 7 year warranty
  • A unique UV coating covers the surface to ensure both hard-wearing and protective, to ensure PerfectSense Gloss shines longer (gloss)